Yuantian Pocket Spring Mattress

What is a pocket spring mattress?

Pocket springs generally refer to individual pocket spring mattresses. After each spring is pressurized, separate bags are packed into bags with non-woven bags, arranged into chains, and then bonded together to form a bed net. The bed net surface is pasted on On the sponge layer. Its characteristic is that each spring body works independently, supports independently, and can expand and contract independently.

Each spring is packed with fiber bags, non-woven bags or cotton bags, and the spring bags between different rows are bonded with viscose. Now more advanced continuous non-contact longitudinal spring technology enables the mattress to achieve the effect of a double mattress. Each spring of the independent pocket spring can be independently supported and independently stretched to fully conform to the curve of the human body, so that all parts of the body can be taken care of optimally.


Special design of pocket spring assembly machine

Pocket Spring Machine is used to design pocket spring mattresses. The quick coil enters the mechanical coil part, which consumes a large amount of heat during the entire heat treatment process, during which the coil is relaxed. This heat treatment can reduce the impact of spring jitter, and the coil can be optimally fabricated for wiring.

The electronic spiral device forms the shape of a spring and firmly stacks the spring in an innovative cooling channel. The fabric roll is located in the ergonomic fabric fast zone. The placement table repositions the spring into the fabric part where the spring is completely fixed in the pleated fabric. Longitudinal and lateral fuse stations tighten the pockets on the spring, ensuring high-quality products.

In addition, the geometry of the spring is controlled by a high-precision computer-bound server, and the mechanic can effortlessly modify the diameter and pitch of the pocket spring. Eventually, the mattress pocket spring manufacturing time was shortened to a few seconds instead of a few hours, and it had intuitive and firm stability and reliability.


Advantages of pocket spring machine

1. Production efficiency can reach 120spring/min
2. Passed CE certification, perfect safety performance production line
3. Independently developed control system, ultrasonic welding, low noise, no pollution
4. Modular design, easy to install, stable performance
5. Efficient and safe automatic outlet device