Yuantian Auto Tape Edge Machine

What is a mattress tape edge machine?

There are two main types of mattress tape edge machines, automatic mattress tape edge banding machines and semi-automatic mattress tape edge banding machines.

Auto tape edge machine
The automatic mattress tape edge machine has the functions of taping, flipping and flapping, but it is not fully automatic and is operated by the machine. It needs to be arranged by a worker. Workers only need to assist the machine to braid and cut or add tape to the mattress, the production efficiency can reach 20 per hour.


Semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine
The semi-automatic mattress tape edge machine has an automatic flapping function, but no belt drive. The table of this machine is fixed, which means that the work cannot be moved. Only the sewing head of the mattress tape edge machine can be moved around the table, so your worker needs to move with the sewing head in order to complete the sewing.

How to choose high quality mattress tape edge machine

Check model and parameters
Understand the mechanical power, sewing thickness and speed required by our sewing, by looking at specific models and parameter tables, and then make specific choices based on these.

Check the electrical part of the machine
The electrical part of the machine needs to be checked, such as brand name and quality. Such as machine head, contactor, circuit breaker, relay. These electronic parts will display product identification and parameters.

Compare prices
The price of mattress sewing machine is related to model and quality. Regarding the price of mattress sewing machines, we must follow the principle of "same price, same price".


The advantages of mattress tape edge machine

Using PLC program control and artificial intelligence operation. When we sew the mattress, it can walk automatically during the sewing process. In addition, it will automatically turn, automatically flip and increase the sewing speed. Not only that, the mechanical head of the Yuantian mattress tape edge machine can be automatically raised and lowered at the corners, automatically decelerated, and automatically recovered at the corners of the sewn mattress. The problem that the four corner seams of the mattress protrude inward is solved.