spring coiling machine | The process steps of spring machine production spring

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Under the control of the spring diameter changing mechanism, the curve gauge can move back and forth to adjust the diameter of the spring or to roll the diameter-reducing coil spring. When rolling a reducing coil spring, a corresponding reducing cam must be used. As the spring material is continuously rolled into a coil, the reducing cam of the computer spring machine also rotates correspondingly to control the ejector rod to make appropriate motions to roll out the required reducing coil spring.
When you want to roll variable pitch (commonly known as unequal pitch) spiral compression springs or other spiral springs, you need to use a variable pitch cam; under the action of the variable pitch cam, a set of swing rod mechanism pushes the pitch block to move forward and backward, In order to realize the coiling of variable-pitch springs. It can be seen from the working principle of the computer spring machine that the advantage of the single ejector spring machine is that it only needs to adjust a curve gauge, the machine tool adjustment time is less when changing the spring varieties, and it can roll higher initial stress. The spiral tension spring is more convenient when the left and right spiral springs are exchanged; the advantage of the double ejector spring coiling machine is that the mandrel no longer becomes a friction point of the formed coil, but only plays an auxiliary role when cutting the steel wire, so in production When springs of different diameters are used, there is no need to change the mandrel frequently.