Solutions that affect the quality of edge banding machine

There are many factors that affect the quality of edge banding machine edge banding, such as interruption of edge banding work, interference with time measurement, and reliability of working hours. There are generally several ways to improve work efficiency and improve quality:
one. If the local edge bands are not firmly bonded to the board edges, they can be repaired with glue;
two. If necessary, tear off, saw off or mill off the edge bands and re-sealing;
three. When rust spots are found on the plates, wipe the machine with anti-rust oil in time;
Four. Frequent maintenance of edge banding machine equipment, especially the gluing device of edge banding machine;
five. Coordination between process and working procedures (such as plate parts that are drilled first, or door strips are grouped and sealed, etc.). It should be clearly understood that poor coordination will also have adverse effects;
The performance of six, edge banding machine (such as crawler speed), the position and height of the workpiece, the working speed of workers and the ability to judge and deal with faults, the cooperation of workers, etc. will affect the normal use of edge banding machine, so workers are on duty. The necessary training should be carried out beforehand. If you want to minimize the interruption in the work, please try to use skilled workers to operate.
    The above six points describe in detail the solutions that affect the edge banding quality of the edge banding machine.