pocket spring machines | What are the classifications of spring machines?

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1. Computer compression spring machine series: mainly for circular, arc and linear spring products, such as various precision compression springs, tower springs, conical springs, oil seal springs and mold springs, with fast forming speed, high accuracy and stability High sex.

2. Universal wire spring machine series: mainly for circular, arc, straight and angled wire forming products, such as various precision compression springs, tension springs, torsion springs, leaf springs, special-shaped springs and wire forming products.

3. Cam-free wire-switching spring machine series: Cam-free wire-switching spring machine is developed on the basis of universal spring machine. It adopts unique cam-free and rocker-free design, which reduces the difficulty of debugging and shortens the time of debugging the machine. Improved the work effect, but the higher price cost discouraged users and friends.

4. Wire forming machine series: Wire forming machine, also known as wire forming machine, is used to produce wire forming products. It means that a steel wire walks in, through the work of the bending head, a flat or three-dimensional linear product is made, or the wire is processed by a corner tool to be folded into various flat or three-dimensional steel wire parts of various shapes. The three main areas where wire forming machines are currently used are: auto parts, bathroom hardware products, supermarket pendant display racks and other metal products. Followed by: electronics, toys, electrical appliances, sports equipment, stationery, instruments, meters, hair accessories, handicrafts, household hardware, and other high-precision accessories.