Function introduction of edge banding machine

The functions of edge banding machine include: pre milling, gluing, end trimming, rough trimming, finish trimming, edge scraping, profiling tracking, polishing and slotting. Mainly used in panel furniture and wooden door production.
Function introduction of each department:
1. Pre milling: double milling cutter is used to modify the ripple trace, burr or non vertical phenomenon caused by cutting board saw and cutting saw, so as to achieve better edge sealing effect. It makes the edge banding and plate fit more closely, with better integrity and beauty.
2. Gluing and edge sealing: through the special structure, the double-sided gluing of the edge sealing plate and edge sealing material is uniform, so as to ensure the more firm adhesion.
3. Trimming: through the precise linear guide motion, the automatic tracking of the model and the high-frequency high-speed motor fast cutting structure are adopted to ensure the smooth cutting section.
4. Roughing / finishing: the automatic tracking and high-frequency high-speed motor structure are adopted to ensure the smoothness of the upper and lower parts of the trimming plate. It is used to repair and process the surplus edge sealing materials above and below the edge sealing strip of the plate.
5. Profiling tracking: up and down rounding device can make the plate end face more smooth and beautiful
6. Edge scraping: it is used to eliminate the ripple marks caused by the cutting process of non-linear movement of trimming, so as to make the upper and lower parts of the plate more smooth and clean.
7. Polishing: clean the processed plate with cotton polishing wheel, and make the end face of edge sealing more smooth by polishing.