About the daily maintenance of Spring machine

        Spring machine is a very important automatic production equipment for spring manufacturers. Therefore, in order to ensure the processing accuracy of Spring machine and prolong the service life of the machine, it is necessary to pay great attention to the maintenance of Spring machine. Then how to do the daily maintenance of Spring machine What?

         In order to reduce the wear rate of Spring machine mechanical parts, reduce the occurrence of failures, and extend the service life of the machine, the Spring machine must be strictly maintained daily. The maintenance of Spring machine is mainly to clean, tighten, adjust, lubricate, and prevent corrosion.
spring machine
        Maintenance of operating organization:
       When the Spring machine is used up, turn off the machine's power, use cotton fabric to wipe the dirt on the surface of the mechanism and motor, and apply anti-rust oil. In order to prevent dust and debris from falling in, never use an air spray gun for blowing, and keep the gap between the chute or the rotating structure. The sliding parts of the Spring machine must be lubricated with lubricating oil. High-viscosity grease cannot be used to avoid affecting the linear movement of the slider. Note that the grease nipple is added to the bearing grease 1 to 2 times a month.
        Lubrication and maintenance of gear transmission:
       When a new Spring machine has been running for more than 1,000 hours or about half a year, it must be replaced with new circulating oil. The gears of the Y-axis of Spring machine are traditionally encapsulated in the wire feed box. In order to ensure that the gears have sufficient lubrication protection during transmission, we need to regularly check whether there is enough special gear lubricant between the gears in the wire feed box. This can effectively avoid tooth grinding or burning.
         Maintenance of wire feeding system:
         Regularly clean the surface of the servo motor and encoder of the mechanism to prevent dust from falling and causing damage to the mechanical parts. Also, check and clean the iron filings on the wire feed box frequently to prevent iron filings from falling into the gear rotation when the machine body is running, which may cause tooth grinding or tooth burning, so that the equipment can be effectively maintained. Line accuracy!

         In addition to the above maintenance operations that require daily attention, you should also pay attention to the sanitation of the machine and the placement of tools. Reasonable maintenance can extend the life of the Spring machine and use it normally.